The Miglioli Srl

undertakes to carry out its own activities (processing scrap metal, scrap vehicles, collecting, transporting and storing hazardous waste) paying particular attention to compliance with specific regulations, environmental protection, respect of procedures for quality, continuous improving business performance. The Miglioli Srl firmly believes that a commitment to environmental protection and the use of non-renewable resources can be constantly tweaked and is committed to implement the best environmental standards applicable to a single local community.

The company is committed to make public their commitment, giving appropriate publicity to its environmental policy with customers, suppliers and citizens. All employees of Miglioli Ltd. are responsible for implementing the policy texts that must follow in performing their duties.

The Miglioli Srl is constantly engaged in research to reduce pollution and in particular the aspects relating to waste management and disposal of hazardous substances.

In the spirit of this policy, the company is committed to conducting its business according to the following principles: -keeping the Integrated Management System-environment quality -operate within the laws, regulations and guidelines by seeking continuous improvement in environmental performance, safeguarding the health and safety of employees and third parties; -prevent, control and reduce where possible the production of its waste; -manage the plants carefully and use the input materials in a rational manner; -evaluate the investment and related plant whereas beyond the financial aspects including aspects of quality-environment; -evaluate and monitor suppliers to ensure compliance with the objectives of quality, environment and safety organization; -use products and materials with the lowest risk environment; -ensure the highest quality of outgoing material and proper management of waste materials; -each employee in maintaining high levels of attention, motivation, training and expertise on environmental issues and quality; -promote the exchange of information with stakeholders and internal staff; -communicate openly to the public institutions and external strategies and environmental performance and quality; -all employees, for the areas under its jurisdiction, have the task of monitoring and periodically verify compliance with these principles Through the EMAS Regulation, the company intends to engage publicly with the territory, citizens and institutions for environmental protection and enforcement of environmental legislation. The ultimate goal of the Environmental Policy is to achieve a proper balance between the use of natural resources and economic growth in the long term while ensuring a better quality of life for present and future generations