Recupero Metalli Leghe Cremona

Ferrous Materials Recovery: Metals and Alloys

The company, through experience gained over the years, he has specialized its activities in the processing and subsequent recovery of metals.

The types of metals handled by our company include:
• Scrap metal heavy
• Damaged or broken
• Scrap collection
• Scrap metal light
• Turning of steel
• Scrap of Stainless Steel
• Scrap iron
• Aluminium (bars, profiles, plates, turnings or ribbons)
• Copper
• Brass
• Bronze
• Tin and tin alloys
• Zinc

The metals in input

in our facility undergo a process of sorting both manual (charger and / or operator) and mechanical (electromagnet and deferizzatore) and subsequently a process of volumetric reduction using a shredder. In this way the metals, re-entering the product specifications of the industry, can be sent to steel mills and foundries to be again returned to the market.