Hazardous and not Waste Disposal

Hazardous and not Waste Disposal

The company is authorized in the ordinary way by the Decree of the Province of Cremona in the storage and processing of non-hazardous waste. Specifically, the main types of waste that we deal with are:

• similar to municipal waste (EWC codes 150106, 150105, 200307, 191212, 070213) which undergo a screening for recoverable components and then send us take care of in approved landfills

• excavated earth and rocks (EWC code 170504)

• Material of construction and demolition (EWC code 170904, 170107, 170101)

• Refractory

• Insulated panels (EWC code 170604)

• Paints and varnishes non-hazardous (EWC code 080112)

• Adhesives and sealants non-hazardous (EWC code 080410)

• Paper and wood

• Used tires

• Metal packaging (EWC code 150104), which are separated into aluminum packaging recovered through the consortium CIAL and tinplate packaging, recovered by the consortium CNA

Of particular concern

is the processing of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) duly authorized under the provisions of Legislative Decree 151/05. The devices are processed by separating the parties recoverable and non-metallic components.

Then the carcasses of metal are reduced volumetrically to be initiated recovery.